Your product is sustainable, but your business isn’t

Got a great eco product but struggling to make sales? Looking for lifetime customers to grow your circular solution? Not sure how to share your planet-saving message?

I can fix that.

Selling sustainable stuff isn’t always easy.

You've got to:

Ticking those boxes takes more than the most eco-friendly product...

...or the prettiest renewable packaging...

...or even the cleverest logo (the one you dropped a grand on).

The market is full of eco brands that have those things but struggle to turn a profit.

What really puts the butts in the seats — and the bucks in the bank — is saying the right words at the right time.

Words that speak to your ideal customers on a soul level and make them click “buy now” ASAP.

Morgan Randall

Oh hey!

I'm Morgan,

(Mo if you’re feeling friendly) and that’s what I write.

As a content & copywriter for eco companies, I blend ink slinging with research-backed marketing strategy to create website copy, emails, blog posts, sales pages, and ad campaigns that clinch new customers and skyrocket your sales.

I put more green in your wallet
so you can put more green on the planet.

With me in your tool belt, you’ll wake up to sold-out product launches even if your sales have only been so-so.

Picture having...

62%+ increase in revenue in 12 months

1000%+ increase in social media-driven website trafc in 12 months

Articles that rank #1 on Google search result pages

I’ve gotten these results for others.
I can get them for you, too.

Here's how I do it:

1. Empathise

Like Research & Development, but with more hugging and high-fives. I listen to your current + ideal customers (and eavesdrop on the competition) to learn what words and marketing strategies are most likely to turn heads — and open wallets.

2. Speechify

As they say on MTV Cribs, “This is where the magic happens.” I whip up words that customers can’t help but keep thinking about, then lay them out in a wireframe. Say hello to copy and content that jumps of the page, every time.

3. Verify

You wouldn’t put your product on the market without testing it first. The same goes for my copy. I run each word through the wringer with user tests or A/B tests before ever pressing “publish”.

So tell me: What can I help you create?

I need
website copy 
that embodies the brand and grabs ideal customers by the heartstrings!

I need an
email sequence
that turns kinda interested folks into gotta-have-it-now customers!

I need a
sales page or ad campaign
that attracts new customers and drives sales for my product through the roof!

I need
blog posts
that teach ideal customers more about my product and establish my brand as an industry leader!

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