Hey, there. I'm Morgan.

I’m a writer exploring the relationships between
culture, creativity, and environmental stewardship.
My work has been published in print and digital media outlets like 64 Parishes, Humanities, Atlas Obscura, and Gastro Obscura.

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Here are some highlights
of the work I've done.

Homes and beaches can be rebuilt after Ida, but what about culture?
Hurricane Ida forces public historians to make difficult decisions.
Coastal challenges threaten Fort Jackson and the Orange Festival.
It takes a bold imagination to look at such critters and see canapés.
Mossville: When Great Trees Fall is a character-driven documentary with global implications
Insensitive harvesting threatens an iconic Louisiana ingredient.
The world’s largest work of glass art hides in this stunning Taiwanese subway station.

While credit for the dish is widely shared, here’s how to choose ingredients that celebrate its Indigenous roots.

More about me:

Currently, I’m the managing editor for the encyclopedia of Louisiana working in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education to create encyclopedia entries for the state’s K-8 students. I’m also a marketer and writer with 64 Parishes magazine and the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities.

In my free time, I travel, grow food, and write fiction. My current manuscript, a young adult queer romantic fantasy novel reimagining French colonial and 19th-century New Orleans, should be complete in fall 2022. I’m seeking representation, you know, if you have any friends in publishing. (wink wink nudge nudge)

I’m available for freelance writing assignments, especially for stories exploring how climate change and coastal land loss are transforming cultural traditions in the Gulf South.

I was born and raised in Louisiana’s piney uplands but now call the deltaic plain of New Orleans home. A few places came in between: Thailand, Vietnam, a backpack, a motorcycle, a van, and a 28-foot-long sailboat on California’s coast.

It’s all been awesome, and hopefully there are more adventures yet to come.

What folks say
about my work:

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If you want content that showcases
creative, culturally-sensitive solutions to
environmental challenges, then
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