Hey, there. I'm Morgan.

I’m a writer exploring the relationships between
culture, creativity, and environmental stewardship.
My work has been published in print and digital media outlets like 64 Parishes, Humanities, Atlas Obscura, and Gastro Obscura.

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Here are some highlights
of the work I've done.

They double as conversation starters for your next
work party, Bumble date, or politics-free dinner with the in-laws.
It takes a bold imagination to look at such critters and see canapés.
Insensitive harvesting threatens an iconic Louisiana ingredient.
Coastal challenges threaten Fort Jackson and the Orange Festival.
The world’s largest work of glass art hides in this stunning Taiwanese subway station.

While credit for the dish is widely shared, here’s how to choose ingredients that celebrate its Indigenous roots.

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creative, culturally-sensitive solutions to
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